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“Port Charles in Turmoil: Drew Fires Nina, Laura’s Disturbing Discovery – GH Recap!”


General Hospital (GH) recap and spoilers for Friday, January 19 note that the soap ended the week off with an explosive episode! For starters, time to talk about Drew Cain’s (Cameron Mathison) revenge on Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros).

During Friday’s show, she saunters into the Crimson offices to see movers hard at work emptying her office. Frustrated and confused, she orders them to stop, and Drew strolls in, telling them not to stop, as she’s been fired.

Shocked, Nina tries to fight with him over it, but he stands firm. She points out that Crimson is her baby and all she’s done to build it into one of the top magazines in the country.

She asks if he’s thought about the fact that the magazine will fold if she leaves. Is he willing to shut down Crimson just to get revenge on her? Plus, what about the company’s employees … will they all lose their jobs?

He notes that keeping her staff hired is in her court, and they won’t lose their jobs as long as she signs a termination agreement. He tells her that he’ll give her some time to think about it and walks out of the office.

Meanwhile, at Bobbie’s, Carly is interviewing for an assistant manager.

The place has gotten so busy that she needs help and support! Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) walks in, as she’s supposed to meet Drew; however, Carly knows he has an important meeting at Aurora that he’s handling right now, and it may have slipped his mind.

Sam states that she’s noticed so many changes in Drew since he’s been back from Pentonville.

He’s been tense and easy to get angry, and Carly says she has seen the same in him, but so much has happened lately.

Not only is he dealing with the aftermath of prison, but finding out that her mom died and Nina’s SEC secret on NYE was tough. He’s been through a ton as of late.

Sam wonders how she can help, and Carly notes offering patience, support, and grace.

Carly also states she feels responsible for everything that’s happened and she wants to do all she can to be there for Drew. Sam respects that, but she advises not to lose her peace in the process.

At the hospital, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) arrives at Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) room, and he updates her on dropping Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice Benard) charges.

He admits he provoked him, and now that he’s unburdened his soul his body can heal. Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) arrives shortly after Laura, and it’s implied that the person Cyrus called the day before to come to visit him was the both of them.

Cyrus informs them that Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) came to visit him last night, looking for help.

Cyrus allows Spencer to take over on “why” she needed assistance, and he proceeds to tell his grandmother that Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) visited him, and he allowed him to take Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay).

Laura is shocked on all fronts. While she’s glad to hear that Spencer and Nik have mended fences, she can’t believe he allowed him to take Ace, considering all of his father’s bad choices.

Still, Spencer makes it clear it was to protect Ace from his “psychopath” of a mother. He tells his grandmother that he believes Esme has her memories back.

Spencer details their conversation at the police station, among other things; however, Laura thinks there is no concrete evidence that Esme remembers all.

Spencer is shocked that Laura is still giving Esme the benefit of the doubt and points out that reaching out to Cyrus is proof that the “old Esme” is back. Laura believes all it proves is that she’s desperate.


Laura thanks Cyrus for keeping her in the loop but walks into the hallway and calls Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) to report Ace is missing.

Speaking of Esme, she pays Ava Jerome (Maura West) a visit to the gallery. She apologizes for breaking in at Wyndemere and acknowledges Ava was justified in pressing charges.

Esme reveals that her visit is a request for help. She tells Ava that Nik has taken Ace, and appeals to her as another mother, for assistance. Ava’s shocked and lets her guard down, as Esme looks completely shaken without her baby (whether this is an act on Esme’s part is unknown).

She asks if Ava has seen Nikolas, and Ava states she has, but also notes he’s long gone. A frustrated Esme is still hoping she can help somehow; however, Ava notes that the young mom is in way over her head.

Nik has the power, money, and resources to stay hidden with Ace for as long as he wants. After all, if his own mother couldn’t find him, what makes her think she can? Esme reveals that she has “resources” too, in Cyrus.

Ava questions why Cyrus would help her, and Esme says it is because they are family. Ava reminds Esme that Cyrus is Ace and Nik’s family, not hers. Feeling rejected, Esme storms out of the gallery.

Back at the hospital, Adam Wright (Josh Benard) has woken up, and he’s in a hurry to be discharged. He lies to Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) about what happened the night before and states that he was partying, and the pills he took were for a cold.


Adam states that Josslyn Jack (Courtney Fulk) was completely overreacting with all this, and he needs to leave the hospital right away.

Portia notes that he can be discharged today, but his parents have been called, and he will need a psychiatric evaluation before he can be signed out. When Portia mentions his parents, Adam has a meltdown.

Adam asks if she told them he tried to hurt himself; however, Portia makes it clear that because he’s 18, she can’t divulge specific medical information with his parents without his consent.

They were contacted because they were his emergency contact. Regardless, she encourages Adam to be honest with the doctor, his parents, and himself, for the sake of his health and safety!

Over at the chapel, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) finds Joss at the chapel.

They talk about Adam and his parents’ situation, and Dex explains that Adam feels like a failure because of the expectations his parents set on him.


Joss questioned if he ever felt like that with his mom and dad, but he notes that he burned out early, and left, so he doesn’t know exactly what Adam is feeling.

They head out in the hallway and run into Portia. She can’t tell Joss anything about Adam, except he’s awake, but he cannot have visitors.

Just then, Mr. Wright (Steve Mize), Adam’s dad storms in off the elevator.

Dressed in a suit, he demands to see his son, while Willow is behind the desk. Portia approaches him and explains he needs a psychiatric evaluation, and Mr. Wright notes that he doesn’t want any unrelated fluff on his medical bill. He wants his son discharged, right away.

Joss approaches Mr. Wright and the two have a major confrontation. She tells him that his son is struggling, and Mr. Wright believes it’s because he’s been drinking and partying too much at college.

He notes that Adam’s mother and he didn’t think he was mature enough to handle living away from home, and they were right. He had such a bright future before with a 4.0 average, but Josslyn interrupts and tells the dad that Adam is self-medicating due to the anxiety and pressure from his parents.

Josslyn outright tells the man that Adam tried to kill himself, and he orders her to leave, or else he’ll sue.

Portia politely tells Joss to go home and then leads Mr. Wright to her office to further chat. Joss goes to walk into the elevator but diverts herself straight to Adam’s room.

Back at Crimson, Drew returns to Nina’s office, asking if she signed the termination agreement. She has, and he laughs and mocks her stating that she “fell” for his ploy and that he never intended to shut Crimson down.

After all, he replaced her before she was fired (cue the dramatic music) … and then Carly strolls into the office.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina’s world has been completely flipped upside down since the SEC secret reveal, so who will she turn to for help? Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), perhaps?


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