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“The Hayden Enigma: GH Fans Engage in Spirited Speculation on Her True Identity”


Since last spring, Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) has been causing trouble in Port Charles. Even as she lay in a coma after taking a bullet to the head, everyone wondered what this con artist will do when she woke.

It turned out she faked amnesia to worm her way back into Wyndemere and Nikolas’s (Tyler Christopher) life, but now many fans wonder if she has an even larger connection to the Cassadine Prince.

Last week, Tracy (Jane Elliot) told Hayden she knows exactly who she is in a cryptic conversation that left the social media soap world abuzz with speculation. We know she did something bad and if anyone finds her, she’s in a whole lotta trouble.

After her confrontation with Tracy, Hayden went straight to Nikolas and suggested they marry so he could hold onto ELQ and some of her actions left fans wondering if Hayden could possibly be Emily Quartermaine, who many see as Nik’s only true love.


Soap Hub doesn’t think that theory makes much sense because Emily was not a major manipulator (plus she really seemed dead). However, she did have a manipulating twin out there named Rebecca Shaw and Hayden fits her profile.

However, she doesn’t have her face. Tracy showed Hayden an article online that seemed to have Hayden’s current face and real name in a photo. If Hayden is Rebecca, she could have had plastic surgery. But, that begs the question, why have plastic surgery if you’re going to use your real name?


That leaves Soap Hub thinking Hayden is not a Q at all, but someone Nikolas knew in the past due to their immediate connection when she was still positioning herself Jake Doe’s wife. Perhaps she’s a character we never heard of before, but either the Qs or Nik has. She certainly seemed frightened by Tracy’s newfound knowledge, which means she probably did a bad, bad thing and something worse than what she’s done since arriving in Port Charles.


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