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“GH’s Double Blow: Bobbie’s Demise Looms, Tracy’s Exit Nears, and Two Beloved Couples Face Uncertain Futures!”


This week on General Hospital, the truth about Charlotte the teenage stalking psychopath finally came out, and Ned also got his memory back. But it also appears that Valentine and Anna, along with Spencer and Trina, could be over. And with Tracy headed to Amsterdam, is the show finally going to address Bobbie’s death?

Valentin’s Imperfect Angel

As the week unfolded, and Anna blamed herself for Charlotte’s shooting, it finally became apparent to Dante that Charlotte was the one targeting Anna all along. Valentin and Nina have done Charlotte no favors in protecting her, and it was good to see Valentin shift from apparently blaming Anna to realizing this was his fault for not telling Anna the truth sooner. That Charlotte could so easily look her father in the face and lie was pretty scary, and she’s definitely a Helena in the making.

Even though Dante told Anna his theory about Charlotte, she was convinced a former WSB agent was using Charlotte to get to her. Valentin was finally forced to tell Anna the truth. Finola Hughes and James Patrick Stuart’s scenes together were amazing, and you could feel Anna’s anger towards Valentin for putting her in the position he did. Even when their characters are angry with one another, the actors’ chemistry together comes through. That’s why it was heartbreaking to see this is likely the end of Vanna, or the biggest hurdle of their relationship so far that won’t be easy to overcome. Valentin completely deserved the slap Anna delivered to him, but at the same time, I felt empathy for him when he realized he had lost Anna, and that Charlotte was so badly damaged she thinks Anna tried to kill her on purpose. With Nina’s world about to implode soon enough, and Charlotte being thrilled to see Nina with her father, how long before the child begins pushing them back together?

Despite the stellar acting, this storyline hasn’t worked for me since we found out it was Charlotte targeting Anna, as I’ve been saying in my past columns, because Charlotte had seemed to be supportive of Anna and her father even after she came back from boarding school. Now they want to retcon history and make it so that Victor planted doubts in her head about Anna while she was in boarding school. There is one thing that should come out of this story though and that is Lulu waking up, because clearly, her daughter needs a mother right now.

Has Tracy’s Exit Begun the Death of Bobbie Storyline?

I was actually sorry to see Tracy exit, but we know it won’t be for long. Sure she’s been the worst grandmother in the world to Brook Lynn, but she’s a character who is fun to hate. Plus, she always has the snarkiest lines, and Jane Elliot is so good at delivering them. However given Tracy’s going to join Bobbie in Amsterdam in sorting out Luke’s final affairs, it appears the show could use this to finally address Jacklyn Zeman’s death, and that also of Bobbie Spencer’s. I can’t see Tracy not returning for that storyline. It’s a story that’s long overdue, and it needs to be addressed.


The End of “Eddie”

With pushing from Lois, “Eddie” took a dive into the water near the boathouse to try and find his siren, who as we all know, was Olivia all along. Olivia dove in to save “Eddie” when he got himself tangled in some seaweed, and then just like that, Ned was back. Hallelujah, as this storyline went on far longer than it needed to. But hey, it brought Lois back, so at least we got that out of it. I was not watching General Hospital when Rena Sofer was first on, so Lois is new to me, and she’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I love her and Tracy trading insults every time they see one another.

In Friday’s show, Ned told Olivia that while he remembered everything, some things were a little fuzzy. Could one of those things be he knows the truth about Nina? Frankly, I enjoyed a week with little to no Nina, Carly and Michael drama. However at some point, he’s going to remember, and he’s going to expose Nina… who will then expose Michael blackmailing her.

Don’t Do it, Spencer!

The Spencer, Trina and Esme storyline has become tedious and frustrating. It’s good that Esme is opening up that she has feelings for Spencer, and is the reason she wants to move out, but she probably needs to be honest with him and tell him that’s why she has to go. The only part of this storyline I’ve enjoyed is the friendship that’s developed between Esme and Laura. Aside from that, we’re stuck watching a once-fan-favorite couple falling to pieces as Spencer’s obsession over being a dad to Ace is driving Trina away. He was a complete jerk to Trina on Friday’s episode, warning her not to make him choose between her and Ace. Good for Trina for standing up for herself and walking out on Spencer. I can’t understand why the writers seem intent on destroying this popular couple, but I for one am no longer shipping them. It seems clear where this is going, Spencer is going to use the fake evidence Victor left him against Esme to hold onto Ace. They need to bring Nikolas back to put an end to this story, and Spencer acting as if he’s Ace’s father.


Final Thoughts

The photoshoot with Sasha and Salvadore was pretty over the top and silly, and what is with the exotic animals on the show? First a llama, now an alpaca? It was a cute little thing though, and Sasha and Cody were adorable posing with it. Maxie could clearly see Cody was smitten with Sasha.

So Stella met a man in London named George who proposed to her. I guess we can expect George to show up in Port Charles soon, because why else drop that tidbit of information?

I was glad to see the show addressed my thoughts from last week, that Tracy made sure Brook Lynn couldn’t easily sign Deception back over to Lucy, Maxie and Sasha. Also, I’m happy Lois is going to stick around a little longer to help Brook Lynn figure out what to do about Deception.

With Ava finally realizing Austin has been lying to her about Nikolas, Cyrus and who knows what else, things should get very interesting. Will Ava retaliate? Will Austin be truthful with her for once? Do they stand a chance at being a couple? Because it seems like this week was all about breaking up couples or in this case, a potential one.

It was nice of Drew to finally remember he has a kid and went to see Scout. She should have been his first priority.

Finally, I loved Alexis’ opinion of Blaze to Kristina. “She likes you. She like you likes you…” Because we all saw this coming a mile away, but it appears Kristina has blinders on. Also, thank the stars Kristina and Molly are no longer fighting over the surrogacy. Plus, the latest actress to play Molly is a really good fit for the part.

That’s all I’ve got this week. As always, these are only my thoughts. Drop yours in the comments below!


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