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“Intricate Deceptions: Dex’s Medical Maneuver and Sonny’s Fatal Plan Haunt GH’s Latest Spoilers”


General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) will face a loyalty test when Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) makes a new demand. Sonny is tired of dealing with Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), so he’ll insist it’s time for his enemy to face a fatal outcome.

When Dex realizes Sonny expects him to take Cyrus out, he’ll try to reason with his boss. Dex will assure Sonny of his loyalty, but he’ll argue that this may not be the smartest move and hope Sonny backs down.

However, Sonny will make it clear that he wants Cyrus gone for good.

Dex had a chance to ease into his role in Sonny’s organization, but now it’s time to put on his big boy mob pants and get the job done.

There’ll be no turning back for Dex once he accepts this assignment, but he’ll ultimately decide he has to follow orders and respect what Sonny wants.

Of course, Dex will worry about turning into someone more sinister once this mission is complete.

It’ll leave Dex concerned about whether Josslyn Jacks (temporarily played by Courtney Fulk) will still love him the same after he crosses over into new territory.


This won’t be a scenario where Dex acts in the moment and fires to protect Sonny. It’ll be a premeditated situation that Dex has to prepare for in more ways than one.

Dex will reach out to Josslyn over the phone with a final message before he moves forward.

It’ll give Dex a chance to insist that no matter what happens, he’ll always love Josslyn and be grateful to her.

From there, Dex will don some scrubs and hope he can blend in as a fake GH doctor. That’ll make it easier for Dex to gain access to Cyrus’ room.

Once Dex arrives, he’ll be thrown by the presence of Nina Corinthos (Cynthia Watros), but he won’t let that deter his plans.


Dex will simply wait until Nina’s tense visit with Cyrus is over before he sneaks in.

The goal will be for Dex to slip something lethal in Cyrus’ IV via injection, but there’ll be a big problem. At that point, Sonny will start to have second thoughts about the order he’s given.


Sonny will try to get in touch with Dex after a conversation with someone changes his mind.

After Sonny’s reservations win out, he’ll work frantically to contact Dex so he can call off the hit.

Unfortunately, Dex will already be in the middle of carrying out the mission Sonny ordered, so that’ll bring some nail-biting moments.

General Hospital spoilers say some gripping drama will play out for Sonny and Dex, so stick with us for updates on all the stunning news that’s in store.


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