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“Baby Fever Hits Port Charles: GH Teases Two Unexpected Pregnancies in Spoiler Alert!”


General Hospital spoilers spill Kristina Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) is fully on board with becoming a surrogate for her sister and TJ Ashford’s (Tajh Bellow) baby. The dust has settled on prior conflicts between sisters, and it has all three of them feeling like things will be better this time around.

Yes, even TJ, who was worried at first that they might be rushing back into baby planning too soon after Andrea Gates’ (Lily Anne Harrison) miscarriage, but Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos) knows what she wants.

Will having a baby with TJ via her sister really be the seamless ride she expects? Perhaps it will, but none of them will be able to predict the fourth party that could come into the mix and blow their lives apart.

General Hospital Spoilers — Misfired Instincts

When Molly told TJ she wanted her sister to become their surrogate, he was taken aback. Before, she had been vehemently against it —- as was he.

Was he just supporting her as she rented against her sister and painted her as the bad guy, knowing arguing with Molly wouldn’t have produced good results?

If TJ had his own concerns about Kristina previously, was Molly changing her mind enough for him to truly change his —- or is he just going along for the ride because Molly’s driving?


GH Spoilers – Hint This Is The Calm Before The Storm

Rumor has it this will be the easy part of Molly and TJ’s experience using Kristina as a surrogate, but it won’t be because of anything she has done.

Rather, Andrea’s truth bomb is going to rock their world —- and their domestic partnership — when they learn she is not only having TJ’s child, but intending to keep him or her and raise them as her own — which, technically, they will be.


General Hospital Spoilers — The Truth Always Comes Out

Little does anyone in this family currently know, Andrea is still pregnant with TJ and Molly’s baby. Moreover, the child is only TJ’s, biologically. We may soon find out that Andrea intentionally set this trap for the young couple to fall into.


Painting herself as a mother and wife may have been a ruse she created to throw them off track, and they’ll look back with major regret that they didn’t push to meet Andrea’s family and speak with her husband themselves.

Instead, they took her word for it that she had one, and that he was on board with all of this. That was a major risk that is going to blow back in their faces as they realize they have not one — but two — babies on the way, and And


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