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“Esme’s Nightmare Deepens: Nikolas’ Cunning Move Triggers Memory Surge in GH Spoiler!”


General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) is likely the anonymous Wyndemere buyer, so everything’s lining up for his big Port Charles comeback. Of course, Nikolas will inevitably want to claim his son, Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay), and raise him as a true Cassadine.

However, Nikolas may worry he’ll run into some snags since he’s been out of the picture for so long. Although Nikolas can presumably beat the charges when it comes to Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) and the captivity crisis he forced her into, that doesn’t absolve him of abandoning his child.

Nikolas couldn’t help the first portion of his time away since he was in a coma and dealing with a serious head injury. Nevertheless, Nikolas eventually recovered and has chosen to keep his distance.

Meanwhile, GH fans know Esme has become a good mom to Ace – and she’s even got Laura Collins’ (Genie Francis) seal of approval.

Nikolas may worry that he’ll be facing an uphill battle if he tries to go after custody of Ace, especially since it’d rile Laura and Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) up.

That doesn’t really work out for Nikolas he wants to repair the damage with Spencer and Laura upon his return.


Perhaps Nikolas needs a strategy to turn the tables and make it look like Esme has run away from the pressures of motherhood, especially now that she’s striking out on her own and moving into a new place with Ace.

Could Nikolas lure Esme into a trap and set the stage for a repeat captivity crisis? It’d be easy for Nikolas to forge a note and make it seem like Esme bolted after getting too stressed over all her responsibilities.


Nikolas might kidnap Esme and hold her hostage once again – giving himself a chance to step up as the father and eventually become the custodial parent.

This could certainly move things along when it comes to Esme’s inevitable memory flood. The quickest way to get Esme’s memories to return might be to put her in a similar situation where Nikolas is holding her captive.


It might shake things loose and make Esme remember exactly what happened to her. From there, Esme might remember the rest of her past as well and rely on her former conniving side to find a way out of her latest mess!

Regardless, General Hospital spoilers hint that there’ll be trouble once Nikolas returns to PC and fights for Ace, so stick with us for updates on how his comeback news will affect Esme and others around town. CDL will have other hot General Hospital spoilers, news and updates for you, so make us your top GH source.


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