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“GH’s Josslyn in Peril: Will Her Rescue Attempt End in Tragedy?”


General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that warm-hearted Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) sees how troubled Adam (Joshua Benard) is and tries to help. But her do-gooding could lead to big trouble, let’s find out what is going to happen between Adam and Josslyn.

General Hospital Spoilers – Adam’s Trouble

Adam’s parents are strict and have unrealistic expectations of him. They also have a short list of medical schools they want him to get into.

Adam feels like their love and acceptance is contingent on his grades. Because of the pressure, Adam has panic attacks and mental health struggles.

His life is isolated but he likes, and wants to spend time with, Josslyn who accepts people as they are.

GH spoilers – Adam’s Stress

In the November 2 episode, Adam told Joss that he got a high test score, but it wouldn’t be good enough to get him into the colleges his parents want him to attend.

Later when he was alone and ruminating over the score, it looked like Adam was trying to pull his hair out. The show may be trying to establish a pattern of self-harm with Adam, and this behavior could escalate.


The rumor mill is speculating that Adam could become so stressed and despondent that he tries to end his own life.

It’s easy to imagine Adam feeling hopeless and acting on that feeling, especially if he feels that he cannot live like this any longer.

GH Spoilers – Adam’s Drama

November sweeps previews suggest that Josslyn will find herself in the middle of Adam’s disturbing drama. The more she sees of his state of mind, the more concerned she’ll be about his mental health.


All of the signs presented so far reveal that Adam needs help but he doesn’t know where to get it.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Will Adam Do Next?


In the coming weeks Josslyn realizes the depths of despair Adam is experiencing and may be concerned that he will do something fatal like jump off a roof, OD, or otherwise find a way to end his misery.

If Josslyn tries to help Adam through a dangerous situation, she could put herself at risk as well.
Josslyn is fiercely loyal to her friends so she won’t hesitate to rescue Adam, and an intervention might include Dex Heller (Evan Hofer).

General Hospital spoilers reveal that some shocking news about Adam is about to come out, forcing Josslyn to get involved!


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